Storage of Food Grade Packaging

Our warehousing is specialized for the storage of Food Grade Packaging, for which we adhere to strict standards as set forth by the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Ant-Pass, as a result, has facilities that have top-grade space, implemented hazard and risk management systems, documented and executed site standards, while being able to accommodate requirements for packaging that comes into direct contact with food as well as packaging that comes into non-direct contact with food.

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General Contract Storage

Ant-Pass provides General Contract Storage in addition to specialized storage options. Our warehousing plans provide cost-effective possibilities for both long and short-term storage requirements.

Bulk floor storage services tend to provide the most cost-effective choice for pallet-loaded storage when dealing with larger numbers of stackable units.

However, should you have a lesser load, you may wish to opt for pallet-loaded racked storage.

Ant-Pass can quickly help assess your General storage requirements.

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Inventory Control Systems

Ant-Pass benefits from a centralized Inventory Control System which monitors and tracks the levels of inventory against orders, sales and deliveries.

This enables Ant-Pass to provide business-critical information to its customers with respect to their inventory management within the Ant-Pass warehouses.

Additionally, the Inventory Control System can also aid in preparing shipments by providing work orders, bill of materials and other production related documents used by Ant-Pass to carry out client-focused warehousing services.

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