Québec and Ontario shipping services

With daily pickups and departures between Montreal (Québec) and Toronto (Ontario), Ant-Pass is the premier shipping company for ground transport between the two metropolitan Canadian hubs.

Ant-Pass services the territories of Quebec and Ontario from Thunder Bay to Blanc-Sablon and everything in between.

Cross-border and inter-provincial shipping services

What’s potentially more impressive is that Ant-Pass is also a leading ground shipping company for cross-border freight requirements for those shipping from Los Angeles (California), Vancouver (British Columbia), Calgary (Alberta), Edmonton (Alberta) back to Toronto (Ontario) and Montreal (Québec).

With an expansive network of optimal ground routes, Ant-Pass is a stellar choice for all cross-border and domestic LTL and TL shipping.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

LTL Shipping is your economical answer to ground shipping

Ant-Pass offers Less than Truckload shipping options for those customers who do not require full Truckload capacity.

LTL shipping is an economical solution to ground shipping whereby your shipment is reserved a spot on the next available truck with enough space to place your shipment in full. Ultimately a shared compartment ensures a cost-effective pricing model to accommodate casual or smaller shipping requirements.

LTL is typically used when your shipment will not fill a complete truck.

JIT (Just in Time)

Ant-Pass is an integrated partner in supply-chain management

Ant-Pass specializes in Just in Time shipping, which is essential in various industries. JIT shipping is a schedule reliant method of shipping, requiring a special management skill set to ensure deliveries arrive only as they are needed in a production process, reducing the necessity of inventory.

Typically used in food or cosmetic production, Ant-Pass uses highly specialized technology coupled with years of experience to ensure that our JIT shipping solutions are an integrated part of your production process.


In hand, through overnight and next-morning deliveries

The business world does not stop. Ant-Pass understands how critical constant, around the clock deliveries are when your projects depend on an overnight shipment. This option ensures overnight shipment deliveries to critical stakeholders the very next morning.

Ant-Pass guarantees their overnight shipping within a 750 km radius between Montreal and Toronto.

By using efficient routing between major city hubs, Ant-Pass provides an effective solution for overnight shipping requirements.