Technologies to better serve our customers

It’s no secret that technology provides unprecedented advantages in virtually any industry. With that, the logistics industry is no different. Technology today is the key component in providing us with efficient processes, communications and tracking, which lends to complete customer satisfaction for any freight shipping company.

It’s for this reason that Ant-Pass continually invests into the latest technologies available to the industry whether it be dispatch solutions, inventory management or enabling the real-time tracking of shipments through on board GPS solutions.

Ant-Pass is dynamic in that it remains small enough to perform frequent updating of software, firmware and on board equipment for its entire fleet. And this provides a strategic advantage over other, potentially larger carriers.

Warehousing Management System (WMS)

Our Warehousing Management system enables the management of daily operations in our 160 000 square-foot facility, which ensures your warehousing needs are met and effectively centralized.

By using a WMS, Ant-Pass centralizes the ongoing critical tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations and reporting back to you on business-critical events.

This management provides our customers with a reassuring onsite feel, while supplying business intelligence and real-time warehousing data.

Live Shipment Tracking

Live Shipment Tracking provides Ant-Pass the ability to verify a shipment’s location in real time using on-board GPS solutions. While not only providing transparency for clients, Live Shipment Tracking ensures your shipments are tracked on route to prevent loss and delays.

This in turn feeds Ant-Pass with Shipment Intelligence information, which is used to streamline optimal routes and avoid problematic shipment hubs, making certain your shipment arrives on time.

EDI (Electronic Data Interface) Solution

EDI is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized information exchange format.

Why is this important with shipping? When a package/shipment requires and flows through multiple carriers to reach its destination, EDI enables the information related to the shipment to be relayed to the next carrier, electronically rather than with paper and forms.

Naturally this guarantees a rock-solid information log, organized shipment hand-offs, which result in a more efficient process from start to finish for you.

Order Entry Portal

Ant-Pass provides an online order entry portal enabling clients to submit orders for pickup. This resource streamlines the ordering process while providing a user-friendly, information-rich solution for your shipping convenience.

The order entry portal ensures that you provide all the information required for your shipment to be properly delivered, whether it be a domestic shipment via ground services, or a cross-border shipment requiring a bill of lading, commercial invoice and a packing list.

The portal will effectively guide you through the process. Should you prefer to speak to someone at Ant-Pass, please feel free to contact us and a customer service representative will be happy to help.

If you prefer to speak to someone by telephone, please feel free to call us at