Amazing Awards for an amazing company!

With such a long-running history in the logistics industry, Ant-Pass has had time to get things right. The proof is the breadth of services, from shipping freight to warehouse and inventory management.

Our awards and certifications are testament to our commitment to providing professional freight shipping and warehousing services to our customers.

Hazardous Material Certified (Haz-Mat)

One of the most significant certifications a transportation company can obtain is that which provides the right to transport hazardous material.

This is not a certification which cannot be taken lightly as it requires ample amounts of training, refined and documented processes, and specialized staff.

This is in addition to the investment of time (and money) needed to oversee, recertify and test all implemented protocols so that they become natural reflexes to those involved in the process.

Ant-Pass has a stellar safety record with respect to the shipping of Hazardous Material.

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