Family values, professional shipping

Established in 1954 by two friends, M. Antonyk and M. Passtetik, Ant-Pass remains one of the leading transportation companies in Montreal (Quebec), renown across North America for specializing in freight transport. In their humble beginnings, Ant-Pass focused on local Montreal business offering intercity small package delivery services, which eventually evolved into a household moving company. With time and demand, Ant-Pass acquired a small fleet of vehicles, which further enabled the progression into a full-service LTL (Less than Load) and TL (Truckload) trucking company with domestic and international shipping capacities.
Some years after the founding of Ant-Pass, M. Antonyk acquired his partner’s shares to become the sole proprietor. As an homage to his former partner, M. Antonyk chose to keep the original business name. The Antonyk family owned and operated Ant-Pass for the next 43 years until 2013, when Jerar Awwad, a McGill University graduate, and experienced logistics executive, acquired the company. Despite changing hands of ownership, Ant-Pass is still deeply rooted in family values as the Awwad family, adding their own flare, guides the business by pushing the limits in the logistics realm, while expanding Ant-Pass’ service offering.
Today, with clients dispersed over a multitude of verticals, and all around North America, Ant-Pass as it has from its inception, continues to deliver innovative and client solutions.
Serving territories from Montreal through to Toronto and Los Angeles, and everything in between, Ant-Pass offers a fully licensed and insured, safety compliant, client-focused, distribution service.
Through an established global network, Ant-Pass specializes in LTL shipping, warehouse management, warehouse supply chain to distribution and inventory management.With no minimum client size or annual spend required, Ant-Pass welcomes all those with shipping, distribution and short or long-term warehousing needs.